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Can someone tell me what these weeds are and how I can kill them without harming the bushes, aztec grass, or St. Augustine grass nearby.

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Comment by EJ on December 7, 2016 at 10:14am

If the long growing stems are taking root in places it may be digit grass which is a common grass in mid Florida pastures.

May be best to pull it and/or possibly use glyphosate (round-up) weed & grass killer.

When I replaced my badly damaged St Augustine grass with Argentine Bahia, the sod was full of this culprit digit grass. I blame the sod supplier Rountree Sod for delivering this inferior product. Oh well, live and learn.

FYI - If you need any sod A1 Sod is great to deal with and their sod is superior.

Another possible way to control the culprit is early morning dust the areas with baking soda and repeat every 2 weeks. Early morning the condensation on the grass promotes/activates the chemical process.

I use this on my crabgrass and proved to be extremely effective.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Merry Christmas.


Comment by EJ on December 7, 2016 at 3:46pm

Forgot to mention in my previous message that Digit Grass is also called Pangola grass.

This may be of benefit in identification. In addition it's a very fast grower.

All the best.



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