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Fall Garden Vegetables

The key to harvesting fall garden vegetables is preparing and planting at the right time. Most fall garden vegetables actually need to be planted in mid to late summer to be ready for harvest by fall. 

Fall garden vegetables include beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, fennel, greens, kale, lettuce, radishes, scallions, and turnips. 

Challenges gardeners face during this time is the heat. Making sure you keep your seeds watered and adding…


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August in the Garden

August is known for its scorching summer heat. Sometimes it is so hot that we forget to keep maintaining and harvesting our gardens. Your garden is hardier than you think and there are plenty of tasks to do that can keep it growing longer and prep for the fall season.

  • Decide which fall crops work best for your zone/climate
  • Begin planting seedlings (green onions, carrots, beets,…

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Lantana, or shrub verbena is perfect if you live in a hot climate or looking for a rewarding low maintenance flowering plant. These plants flourish in full sun with well drained, moist soil. They're easy to grow in containers or in the ground and their flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. They are well known for their colorful blooms that last longer than the summer.

With over 150 varieties of Lantana, there are endless amounts of color combinations to work…


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Crepe Myrtles

Crepe Myrtles are prominent in Florida. In some parts of town, you can find one on every street. This tree blooms beautifully in the summer and can maintain itself throughout the year. 

Seeing a Crepe Myrtle in its prime time can sometimes rush gardeners into purchasing one too quick. Before purchasing one, make certain the one you pick out is the size, shape, and color you prefer. This is important because Crepe Myrtles can range in size from a dwarf all the way up to 30 ft.…


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With large flower heads and a variety of colors, Hydrangeas are hard to not love. Depending on the pH of the soil, these flower heads can change color.  

When little else is in bloom in the summer, Hydrangeas can bloom mid-summer all the way to fall with the proper care.

Hydrangeas like moist rich soil. If the soil isn't rich, you could add compost to help. If the soil is already rich enough, fertilization might not be necessary.

Only cut away…


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High Summer Color

Most plants struggle with maintaining their vibrant and radiant color in the strong summer heat. Luckily, there are plants that can tolerate it even towards the end of the growing season. 

Plants that you can count on blooming through the summer would include Penta flower, Coreopsis, Scarlet Rosemallow/Hibiscus Coccineus, Helianthus Angustifolius and Salicifolius, and Salvia Mystic Spires.

             Penta Flower                       …


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Espoma Organic Fertilizer

Espoma is one of the few fertilizers that you can be confident in to trust around kids, pets, and the environment. It is organic, all natural, chemical-free, and affordable. Not only is it safe, it has more slow release Nitrogen than the normal lawn fertilizer and will not burn yards because of the naturally…


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Just like humans, each type of rose has their own character. This means that along with other plants, you can't anticipate every rose to grow the same. Some of the many different varieties include old roses, modern/hybrid roses, wild roses, climbing roses, shrub roses, and tree roses.

Selecting the most suitable kind of rose for your garden begins with determining which do best in your zone. Before planting, make sure they are in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun…


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Summer Garden Maintenance/What's Wrong With My Plant

Maintaining your garden during the summer is key to keeping your plants healthy and ready for the fall season. Summer requires a lot of extra attention, especially in the Florida heat.

Summer is prime for pests and diseases. Watching for pests everyday is one way to ensure you are keeping them off your plants.  However, there are many types of good insects in the garden. For example, ladybugs, lacewings, and praying mantis will feed on other unfavorable…


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Wakaebisu Azalea

The Wakaebisu Azalea is an evergreen shrub that blooms mid to late spring or early summer.  This type of Azalea does…


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Tecoma Stans Tree

The Tecoma Stans Tree is sometimes called Yellow Elder or Yellow Trumpet- Flower. It is a fast growing, shrub, or small tree. They are…


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Preventative Treatment for Lawn Fungus

With such unusual and sporadic weather patterns, lawn fungus is definitely on the move here in Florida. Lawn fungus can cause such unfortunate lawn diseases as Brown Patch, Black Spot or Gray Leaf Spot. Check your lawn at least twice a week for signs of such diseases. To…


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Larry's Garden!

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Merry Christmas Cactus : Re-bloom for Next Year!

Make sure your Christmas cactus bloom beautifully next Christmas!…


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Garden Inspirations : “Maybe the art of gardening…”

"The design [man] imposes must be constantly modified and sometimes totally transformed by a hand stronger than his own -- the hand of Nature. Maybe the art of gardening is simply the knowledge of how to hold [the hand of Nature], and how to clasp it in friendship." (B. Nichols)…


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Installing Artificial Turf

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What’s Wrong With My Plant? (Citrus Leaves, Mature with Yellow Veins)

Whats Wrong With My Plant?

Here we have a citrus tree that has mature leaves with yellowing veins. Usually the mature leaves have green veins. This citrus tree needs an application of trace elements.

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Natural Waterscape with Deck

Check out this beautiful natural waterscape/deck. It is artistic and simple with a longterm low cost. A great addition to this waterscape would be a wildlife listening post and a waterfall.

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Is it Bugs, Fungus or Disease? Guess Again…

Is is bugs, fungus or disease? Your plant’s condition may be the results of low nutrient levels. The nutrient levels in your soil affects the overall condition of your plant.

Here are a few tips that will help you easily identify macro-nutrient deficiencies in your…


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Add This Wild Dish to Your Thanksgiving Table! (How to Cook A Raccoon)

Photo Courtesy :


(1)   Large Clean &…


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