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Crepe Myrtles are prominent in Florida. In some parts of town, you can find one on every street. This tree blooms beautifully in the summer and can maintain itself throughout the year. 

Seeing a Crepe Myrtle in its prime time can sometimes rush gardeners into purchasing one too quick. Before purchasing one, make certain the one you pick out is the size, shape, and color you prefer. This is important because Crepe Myrtles can range in size from a dwarf all the way up to 30 ft. They can be planted close together like a hedge or by itself.

These trees love the sun. Without enough sunlight, Crepe Myrtles could either bloom minimally or not at all. 

Late fall to early spring is best for planting. Planting in the summer is fine, but make sure it is well watered. Applying mulch will keep in moisture and prevent weeds from growing.   

                      Dynamite Red Crepe Myrtle                                          
**We can order these Dynamite Red Crepe Myrtles to be planted at your home! Call us for more info. 

                         Pink Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtles can attract eyes any time of the year and have limited care.  They are hardy, appealing, and enduring. 

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